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By virtue of the background and expertise of the founder members, Banks and Financial Institutions (BFI's) have been dataedge's focus area of operation since its inception in 2002. With time, dataedge has earned a high level of respect and trust from this sector by ably managing several complex and mission critical projects, a rare success in this market. dataedge has also gradually enriched its solutions offering for the BFI sector, currently covering nearly the whole gamut of solutions required for BFIs on top of Core Banking, such as, Card Management and Personalization Solutions, Lending Application System Processing, Credit Risk Management System, Debt Collection and Recovery Solutions, Telephone Banking Solutions, ATM, POS, HEM & Embosser Hardware, etc.

Meanwhile, dataedge has also widened its operation into industries like Telecom Companies, MNCs, Government Organizations and other small & medium enterprises with its Call Centre solutions, network and security product portfolio, Server Hardware, etc. and attained significant success.